Property in Río Negro, Argentina

Ecolumber has acquired 9,914 farming hectares in Rio Negro (Argentina) which are dedicated to agroforestry projects.

The first phase includes 500 hectares being used for producing walnut lumber. Progressively, in the next phases, the remaining hectares were used for the production of walnut lumber, up to 1000 ha, and the production of oil-bearing crops (up to 5000 ha)

500 hectares in Rio Negro, Argentina, of which:

  • 30 ha in 2008
  • 100 ha in 2009
  • 100 ha in 2010
  • 270 ha in 2011

LOCATION: General Roca (Rio Negro, Argentina)

SURFACE: 500 hectares


VARIETIES: Chandler Walnuts


Ha of walnut trees